Sound & Vision 2015 • Hot Product

A small but well-regarded British company, Trichord Research has updated its entry-level phono stage, the Dino, to Mk 3 status. Last revised in 2008, it now has a completely new circuit board and a redesigned output stage. It retains adjustable impedance and gain via DIP switches and is offered with three power-supply options. The Dino and PSU start at 499 for the inline toroidal version, rise to 780 for a Dino+ supply, and peak at 920 for the Never Connected Dino+ supply.

Trichord is also working on two headphone amplifiers. The more affordable variants will be in the same casework as the Dino Mk 3 (shown above), but there is a more ambitious model that looks a whole lot chunkier. They are all still at the prototype stage, but Trichord reveals that this casework will be used to build a higher-end range of phono and headphone electronics in future.

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