Sound & Vision 2015 • Hot Product

Townshend Audio has found a reason why systems sound better at night. Apparently, that is when the seismic activity caused by vehicles reduces. Townshend had an enlarged seismograph produced by the British Geological Survey that showed the ten-times increase in ground movement produced between 7AM and 8PM. Their theory is that because this movement is considerably greater than that required for a loudspeaker driver to produce sound, it is added to the result produced by speakers.

In order to combat this insidious source of distortion, the company has come up with a range of five speaker platforms that can accommodate speakers weighing between 26 and 528 pounds and in five different sizes. These platforms have an isolation pod at each corner that can be adjusted for variations in floor level as well as differences in fore/aft speaker weight. They have a steel platform that, on the sample shown, has a carpet inlay, but this will be replaced with aluminum tread plate anodized in black. Prices start at 1400 per pair.

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