Sound & Vision 2015 • Hot Product

Rega is revising its three RS-series loudspeakers and turning them into RX models that will be in production by June. They have doped versions of the drive units from the previous series, and the floorstanding RX Three and RX Five continue to have side-firing bass drivers, but, crucially, the cabinets are 50% heavier. This beefing-up process delivers a more substantial sound, but also has the same effect on prices, which are looking like they will rise by at least 50% as well. Approximate prices are 800/pair for the RX One bookshelf, 1100/pair for the RX Three and 1600-1700/pair for the RX Five.

The other changes are largely cosmetic. The grilles for the side-firing units are now flush, the feet are inboard rather than outrigger style, and the ports have their own grilles. The new speakers certainly look considerably better than their predecessors. Let's hope that the sound retains its appeal as well.

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