Sound & Vision 2015 • Hot Product

PMC has added the first subwoofer to its twenty series, and it's derived from the pro models the company makes. Built into the same kind of backward-tilting enclosure as PMC's speakers and featuring a pair of 7" drivers, the twenty.sub (2950) is distinctive. In fact, it doesn’t really look like a subwoofer. It has been created to work in stereo and multichannel systems and has a DSP crossover that offers multiple roll-off and crossover points, so it will integrate with a wide range of speakers. As with other PMC designs, it has Advanced Transmission Line loading, a 9.5' line being folded within its 24"-high enclosure.

PMC built the twenty.sub to be devoid of the harmonic distortion that they claim hampers most of the breed (and might explain why so few subs sound good in a stereo system). The twenty.sub has a 400-watt class-D amplifier.

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