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Oblique-angle alert! Spendor has launched the successor to its S8E, the A7. This superbly finished new floorstander is the first model from the company to feature a distinctive phase plate on the tweeter. This perforated stainless-steel plate has an inverted cone at its center that faces a 1" dome tweeter, the purpose being to correct phase by diffracting output from the driver's center. It also provides mechanical protection from prying fingers.

The A7 is a two-and-a-half-way with fifth-generation 7" midrange/bass drivers and optional high-gloss finish, as shown. This sample is in dark walnut that is almost black but reveals the veneer in good light. It has twin Venturi reflex ports, steel plates for truly rigid spike fixing and inset cable terminals. The price will be in the region of $6500 per pair.

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