Salon HiFi 2011

Tosca has a comprehensive range of speakers and tube products, including this, the AT3 integrated amplifier, available as a 10Wpc version for €3450 or a 20Wpc edition for €3850. There are also customization options that include user-specified impedance of 4 or 8 ohms, various grades of phono sockets, a choice of WBT Nextgens in gold or platinum, and other tweaks. The amplifier operates in parallel single-ended pure class A, with 6V6 output tubes, while the input stage is "pure triode" featuring the high-quality 6SL7 tube. Localized feedback is applied only to the output stage. All wiring is point to point, and the rear panel accepts four stereo line inputs. Stereo output connections are WBT platinum, and there’s a power switch providing on/off/on with a phase inverter. Also in the catalog are a phono stage, integrated units with direct-heated 300Bs and outboard power supplies, and the promise of a separate preamp and power amp in 2012.

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