Salon HiFi 2011

This cute slab of metal is Elipson’s Music Center (€1500), the heart of "a complete sound system with Music Center MC-1, plus USB Well dongle, two Planet L speakers and 10m of Elipson Cable." The only option is an iPod/iPad/iPhone dongle. This unit is machined from solid aluminum, and it just begs to have something from Apple placed near it. With the necessary dongle, there’s "No need for cables to connect your computer or your iPod/iPhone/iPad to the Music Center thanks to Well technology." The package includes a tuner section with DAB/DAB+ and RDS FM radio, a CD player, and the aforementioned MP3/WMA-compliant USB input. Power is courtesy of Bang & Olufsen ICEpower switching amplification, good for 120Wpc into 4 ohms. The Well technology provides a 16-bit/44kHz stereo uncompressed wireless connection. And to add to its non-wireless/USB flexibility, the Music Center also has two analog stereo inputs via RCAs, an optical digital input, an MP3 analog input through a 3.5mm mini-jack, a 3.5mm headphone output, preamplifier outputs, a subwoofer output, a lighting sensor, a remote control and a touch-sensitive panel. This little beauty measures only 13" x 2 7/8".

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