Salon HiFi 2011

Antelope Audio’s Zodiac digital preamp and optional Voltikus power supply (€2195-€3500 depending on configuration) form a compact digital control center measuring a mere 4 3/8"H x 6 1/2"W x 7 1/2"D with a host of features, including full remote control, two headphone jacks, volume adjusted in 0.05dB steps, USB ingress with processing up to 384kHz, dynamic range of 129dB, and variable muting levels. Other features include trimmable balanced analog outputs, unbalanced analog outputs, an AES/EBU digital input, two S/PDIF coaxial inputs, two TosLink inputs, a BNC word-clock input, a de-jittered AES/EBU output and de-jittered S/PDIF outputs.

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