Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 • Hot Product

We've pictured Jonathan Monks in past show reports -- there's something about that lab coat that draws cameras his way. However, we've never shown him with the new. . .

. . .discOveryOne record cleaner, an updating of the classic Keith Monks design. What's quickly obvious about the discOveryOne is its drive mechanism and cleaning arm -- they're parts of a Chinese-made turntable that has been in production for 30 years. The 'table's tonearm is modified to include vacuum suction and a length of string as a spacer between its tip and the record surface. The target lamp is always on, the the 45rpm adapter is also retained. The pitch control allows for speed adjustment, which can make really saturating the record surface possible. Additions are the optional wash system, comprising the cleaning arm and cleaning-fluid dispenser. . . ,

. . .and the cleaning- and waste-fluid storage containers, which are easily accessible via a hatch on the side of the machine.

The discOveryOne comes in two versions: without the cleaning arm ($2495), which can be added after the fact, and with it ($2995). Both are considerably less expensive than existing Keith Monks machines.

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