Provide a Dedicated, Clean Ground for the AC Supply

his is one of the most effective and far-reaching upgrades that you can make to any system, yet it is also one of the cheapest, making it a must-do option wherever possible. Sometimes, apartment blocks or difficult geology can present problems, but even then it is generally possible to improve on the standard arrangement.

Essentially, all that is required is a stout cable running from a central binding post in the system’s AC supply ground (often provided on audio-grade distribution blocks) to a grounding post sunk in the yard. If you are in any doubt at all, an experienced electrical contractor can ensure that you have a cable connected to the right point in the AC ground path, while the necessary hardware to create an effective ground post is available from all good hardware stores. For maximum benefit, the post should penetrate as far as the water table, but if that is not possible, or you experience a period of prolonged dry weather, simply soak the ground around the post with a garden hose.

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