A More Affordable "Best Loudspeaker" from YG Acoustics

by The Audio Beat | December  29, 2009

G Acoustics is well known for the tagline it uses in its advertising -- "The best loudspeaker on Earth. Period." -- but this can overshadow the fact that the company, headed by Yoav Geva, has a very defined way of creating speakers whose construction and measured parameters are impeccable.

The company's new Carmel ($18,000 per pair) brings the price of a YG Acoustics speaker down to a more affordable level, but it retains the design and manufacturing touches of other YG Acoustics speakers. The Carmel is a passive, two-way floorstanding speaker that boasts a CNC-machined, all-aircraft-grade-aluminum enclosure. It uses a 7" modified ScanSpeak woofer and the tweeter from YG Acoustics’ Kipod speaker. It features the same ultra-high-quality Mundorf crossover components and proprietary Dual Coherence crossover technology as all YG Acoustics speakers. Frequency response is specified as 35Hz-40kHz, with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. As with other YG Acoustics speakers, the Carmel's sensitivity is on the low side, 87dB, requiring pairing with a stout solid-state or tube amp.

There are no complete photos of the Carmel, but the speaker will be demonstrated at the CES, and TAB will be there to cover it.

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