New from Wilson Audio: Yvette

by The Audio Beat | July 1, 2016

ilson Audio's fifth all-new speaker in five years, the Yvette ($25,500 per pair) is the product of research and development done for its immediate predecessors: the Sasha W/P Series 2, the Alexia, the Alexx and David Wilson’s ongoing WAMM project.

The Yvette uses the third version of Wilson's Convergent Synergy silk-dome tweeter, which is also used for the Sasha Series 2 and the Alexx. It mates with Wilson’s proprietary midrange, the same driver found in the Alexandria XLF. The Yvette's 10" woofer was originally developed for the Alexia and is similar to the 10" woofer in the Alexx and the upcoming WAMM.

The Yvette's enclosure, designed with the aid of a laser vibrometer, is said to maximize time-domain performance while minimizing resonance and vibration contribution. It is fashioned from two Wilson-developed composites: the third generation of the extremely well-damped and inert X-Material, and S-Material, which was developed for performance in the crucial midrange.

Wilson Audio recognizes that audiophiles will compare Yvette to its earlier "cult favorite," the Sophia, but the company also says that the new speaker "is the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history."

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