Alexx: Wilson Audio's Newest Modular Floorstander

by The Audio Beat | November 5, 2015

ilson Audio has introduced its third completely new model in as many years with Alexx, a multi-piece floorstanding speaker that, according to Wilson Audio, "continues its exploration of low-resonance composites and cabinet geometries -- the implementation of which significantly advances the state-of-the-art for ultra-low-noise cabinets. New drivers within groundbreaking modular configurations -- all complemented by our latest thinking on industrial design -- complete the picture."

Pricing for Alexx falls between Wilson's discontinued MAXX and current Alexandria XLF speakers and will be in the $100,00-per-pair range, although final pricing is yet to be set. Alexx will be on static display during CES 2016 and begin shipping in the first quarter of next year.

Watch the announcement video in the window above for more information on Alexx.

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