Wilson Audio Introduces Alexandria XLF

by The Audio Beat | November 16, 2011

ilson Audio's new Alexandria XLF ($195,000 per pair) doesn't replace the existing Alexandria X-2 Series 2, which will continue to be offered. It builds on the Alexandria's established platform and introduces new design features. These include new Wilson-designed driver technology and a passive bass-management system that is said to "allow users to optimize bass quality and extension to match the characteristics of the sound room." While appearing similar, the cabinets of the Alexandria X-2 and XLF are very different, the latter being obviously deeper and more massive. It is also constructed of Wilson Audio's latest materials, including S-material, which was first used for the Sasha W/P's cabinet.

As a supplement to the preliminary information available now, Wilson Audio has produced a short video about the Alexandria XLF, which is embedded in the frame to the right.

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