VPI's Cliffwood: A Different Kind of "Statement" Turntable

by The Audio Beat | August 2, 2017

ith its latest turntable, VPI makes a statement about the cost of high-end turntables in general and the trend of less expensive turntables being built outside the US. The new Cliffwood ($900) resides at the lower-price end of the VPI product line and commemorates where the company's products have been manufactured for more than 30 years: Cliffwood, New Jersey.

The Cliffwood features a vinyl-wrapped MDF plinth that comes in both "Black Truffle" and "Snow White" finishes. The turntable has a 9" gimbaled aluminum tonearm and a machined aluminum platter driven by a 600rpm AC motor with two-speed pulley. The Cliffwood comes set up with a VPI/Grado Green cartridge, and it can be fully upgraded with various platter and tonearm options.

For the time being, the Cliffwood will only be available in the US, but VPI expects for it to ship worldwide in the future.

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