Treo Duo from Vandersteen Audio

by The Audio Beat | March 5, 2014

andersteen Audio's new Treo ($6490/pair) and Treo CT ($7990/pair) have both benefited from R&D done for the company's flagship Model 7 and Quatro Wood CT speakers, including the use of Vandersteen's own drivers: a patented 4 1/2" midrange with Tri-Woven Composite cone, a 6" woven-fiber woofer with copper Faraday ring, and an 8" carbon-loaded flat-cone subwoofer with ultra-long-throw motor system. The difference in the two speakers lies in the tweeter, which in the standard Treo features a 1" transmission-line-loaded ceramic-coated alloy dome, and in the Treo CT is a 1" dual-chamber, transmission-line-loaded carbon dome.

Like all Vandersteen speakers, both Treo models are time and phase correct and use Vandersteen's Minimum Baffle enclosures, which, in the company's words, "ensure maximum rigidity, free of time-smearing reflections and diffraction."

Sensitivity for both speakers is quoted as 85dB at 1 meter/2.83V input and impedance as 6 ohms. The first-order, impedance-compensated crossovers transition at 80Hz, 900Hz, and 5kHz. Various wood finishes are available.

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