Transparent Audio's New "Reference" in Power-Line Conditioning and Isolation

by The Audio Beat | May 2, 2017

ransparent Audio’s new Reference PowerIsolator ($5995) has the same design objectives and uses much of the same technology as the company’s Opus PowerIsolator but is more affordable.

The Reference PowerIsolator's eight outlets -- four individually isolated banks of two outlets each -- provide AC noise filtering with power-factor correction to eliminate broadband AC line noise and deliver unrestricted clean, in-phase power to connected components, including high-current amplifiers. The Reference PowerIsolator also provides integrated network source protection, hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection, and avalanche-diode surge protection.

The Reference PowerIsolator’s hybrid aluminum-and-thermoformed-polymer enclosure is inherently resistant to EMI, and its internal cross-braces and proprietary epoxy loading damp resonance and vibration. The Reference PowerIsolator comes standard with a two-meter Transparent Reference power cord.

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