Thiel Floorstander Features "Power Driver"

by The Audio Beat | September 17, 2010

hiel Audio’s Power Driver lies at the heart of the company’s architectural products and SCS4 bookshelf speaker. It is also used for the new SCS4T floorstanding speaker ($3690/pair).

The Power Driver comprises a very-low-distortion, high-output, 6 1/2" metal-cone woofer that is coaxially mounted to a 1" high-output, metal-dome tweeter. The woofer’s short-coil/long-gap, copper-stabilized motor system greatly reduces distortion, and its reinforced metal diaphragm is specially shaped to reduce diffraction of the tweeter’s energy. The tweeter is based on that used for Thiel’s current flagship speaker, the CS3.7.

As with all Thiel speakers, the SCS4T utilizes a first-order phase-correct crossover, and its coaxial woofer-tweeter mounting provides perfect time coherence regardless of listener position.

The SCS4T's die-cast-aluminum front baffle is much stiffer than MDF, providing a very secure mounting for the Power Driver. It reduces unwanted vibrations and driver recoil. The 1"-thick cabinet panels are double laminated and reinforced with thick  braces. Cabinets that mix metal and wood are normally used for speakers that are much more expensive than the SCS4T.

The SCS4T's frequency response is quoted as 47Hz-20kHz +/-3dB, while sensitivity is said to be 87dB. Recommended amplifier power is 30-200 watts.

Finishes include natural cherry, dark cherry, and black ash. Black brushed-aluminum outriggers and gunmetal-finish spikes are included accessories that increase each speaker's stability.

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