New Speaker Carries on Jim Thiel's Design Work

by The Audio Beat | September 2, 2012

he latest speaker from Thiel Audio is the CS2.7 ($9900 per pair), which preserves the legacy of company co-founder Jim Thiel by incorporating his well-established ideas about speaker design. Like the Thiel CS3.7, the '2.7 employs Thiel's coincident tweeter/midrange driver, which places the tweeter in the center of the midrange to ensure time coherence for every listening position. Among this driver's innovations is a midrange diaphragm made of aluminum that's pressed into a corrugated shape, which increases its stiffness, pushing its resonance frequency beyond the limits of human hearing. The tweeter also uses an aluminum diaphragm along with Thiel's well-known long-gap motor system, whose flux is increased by a set of axial and radial neodymium magnets. The CS2.7's 8" aluminum-cone woofer features a short-coil/long-gap motor system, a tenet of Thiel woofers. This driver is coupled to an oval-shaped passive radiator "for fast, accurate bass response."

The CS2.7''s cabinet was engineered from the ground up using bent-plywood construction adapted from the CS3.7 along with internal bracing engineered to minimize cabinet resonances. The CS2.7's completely new first-order phase and time coherent crossover is again based on principles of Jim Thiel's design philosophy.

"Our mission with the CS2.7 was to bring some of the engineering innovations developed for the CS3.7 downstream to a loudspeaker weighing in at under $10K per pair," said Thiel president Kathy Gornik. Her company seems to have hit its mark in every way.

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