New Top Cables from TARA Labs

by The Audio Beat | November 20, 2014

ARA Labs' new Evolution cables comprise three distinct lines that include interconnects, speaker cables and two power cords. All share certain core design principles, chief among them the air-tube/air-dielectric concept first used in the company's Air-series interconnects, and "remarkably low capacitance" for extended high-frequency extension.

The Air Evolution interconnects and speaker cables use the multi-lumen air-tube concept invented by TARA Labs in 1986. However, the Evolution interconnect is remarkably flexible. The next level in the Evolution series is the Zero Evolution interconnect and Omega Evolution speaker cables. The Zero Evolution uses a displaced and Floating Shield design together with an HFX Floating Ground Station to provide greater absorption of RFI/EMI and "vanishingly low background noise." Finally, the Grandmaster Evolution interconnects have greater displacement between the shield and the conductors within the cable. This further reduces RFI/EMI noise in the shield, for "a truly silent, black noise floor." Each positive and negative run of the Grandmaster Evolution speaker cables is very large, comprising eight conductor groupings helixed around Teflon air tubes for a total of 288 conductors per channel. It is "easily able to transfer high voltage and current for effective and powerful bass frequencies, but with the ability to transfer delicate and extended high-frequency information."

Prices for the new Evolution-series cables vary by type and model. They are:

  • Air Evolution interconnects, $1895.00/meter pair.

  • Air Evolution, $4200/eight-foot pair.

  • Zero Evolution, $18,000/meter pair.

  • Omega Evolution, $32,000/eight-foot pair.

  • Omega Evolution AC, $12,000/six-foot length.

  • Grandmaster Evolution, $28,000/meter pair.

  • Grandmaster Evolution, $42,000/eight-foot pair.

  • Grandmaster Evolution AC, $16,000/six-foot length.

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