Vinyl-Only Show Debuts in UK

by The Audio Beat | January 16, 2016

tyl:us 2016 is a new vinyl-only audio event announced by the UK audio trade association Clarity Alliance in conjunction with the prolific Chester Group. Scheduled for April 23 and 24, the show will be located at the familiar Park Inn, adjacent to London’s Heathrow Airport.

Riding on the upsurge in the popularity of LP replay, Styl:us 2016 will cover all aspects of the vinyl revival, with systems from established high-end manufacturers exhibiting alongside the latest entry-level equipment, stalls offering audiophile reissues alongside secondhand records, and live music jostling for attention with DJ sets. In addition, expect exhibitions of album artwork and a range of seminars on setup and replay optimization.

Taking a leaf straight out of the CanJam manual, this looks like an interesting initiative. While the final format remains to be seen and combining established markets with emerging ones is always a challenge, it is refreshing to see something a little different (and a lot more focused) emerging to populate the audio-show landscape. If this event is a success, expect to see a rash of international copycats springing up.

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