Spread Spectrum Technologies Reintroduces Bongiorno Electronics Designs

by The Audio Beat | June 20, 2015

lectronics manufacturer and digital specialist Wyred 4 Sound has relaunched the Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) brand name and products. Founded by the late James Bongiorno, who also founded the Sumo and Great American Sound (GAS) brands, SST has a current product lineup comprising two preamps and two power amps, along with a three-channel processor that addresses a weakness Bongiorno identified in stereo playback: missing center-channel information.

According to Wyred 4 Sound, "We plan on retaining and staying true to Jim's vision as much as possible, as his designs are what made SST products so popular and prized." Accordingly, most of the products have names inspired by ones Bongiorno used at GAS forty years ago. The Son of Ampzilla II amplifier ($3000) and Thoebe II preamp ($4000 with DAC and phono) are all-new designs, while the Ampzilla 2000 mono amps ($8500/pair) and Ambrosia 2000 preamp ($7000, $8500 with phono) are Second Editions that principally rely on the same designs as the original products.

For more information on SST, visit the company's website.

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