Digital Power Cord from Shunyata Research

by The Audio Beat | May 12, 2014

hunyata Research's Venom Digital power cord ($395) was developed specifically to address the noise challenges posed by digital electronics to the performance of recording, video and sound systems. At one point along its length, the Venom Digital contains a circuit that filters ultra-high frequency noise commonly associated with digital electronic power supplies, and it uses the same conductors as the Shunyata's Venom-3 power cord, but it is terminated with separate audiophile-grade connectors instead of the molded connectors of the Venom-3.

Shunyata Research has pioneered methods for measuring parameters that affect power-cord performance. Accordingly, Shunyata provides graphs to show that the Venom Digital measurably lowers power-line noise emissions from digital components and says that this difference leads to "improvements in clarity, dynamics and resolution in any entertainment or recording system."

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