High-Value "Signal Cables" from Shunyata Research

by The Audio Beat | October 9, 2015

hunyata Research calls its new Venom Signal Cables "the finest value and performance oriented products in [our] 15 year history" and designed "to compete with cable products costing many times their affordable retail prices."

This value-oriented approach doesn't mean that obvious corners have been cut. The Venom interconnects ($295 per one-meter pair) and speaker cables ($595 for a two-meter pair) have expensive OHNO Continuous Cast Copper as their base metal. They use Shunyata Research’s VTX hollow-core conductors, which have previously been reserved for Shunyata's most expensive cable designs, along with the company’s custom XLR and RCA connectors. Venom interconnects are both highly flexible and fully shielded. Gold-plated banana and spade speaker-cable terminations are completely interchangeable, eliminating the need for retermination as owners change equipment.

Cable capacitance is 54 pf/M and impedance is .27 O/M, making the electrical footprint of the Venom cables minimal.

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