Shunyata Research's Venom PS8: Reference-Grade Power Delivery at a Budget Price

by The Audio Beat | June 26, 2013

ihe final -- and most important -- piece of Shunyata Research Venom power system is the PS8 ($695), a power distributor meant for use with Shunyata's Venom power cords and optional Venom Defender surge-protection/noise-filtration module. The PS8 was designed with the aid of Shunyata Research's DTCD Analyzer, which ensures that it can deliver a full 20 amps of continuous current "with the instantaneous current headroom necessary for high-power amplifiers and power-hungry video systems." The Venom PS8 has eight top-grade, Hubbell-sourced cryogenically treated outlets, all connected inline with the unit's Carling hydraulic electromagnetic breaker. The PS8 is also recommended for use with Shunyata's Hydra line of power conditioners -- for those system requiring additional outlets.

The PS8 is a mere 4" deep. This, along with its top-mounted outlets, make placement behind an equipment rack possible. The unit's 20-amp power inlet is recommended for use with a Shunyata Venom HC C19 power cord ($295) in order to maintain the use of the same conductor technology throughout the power-delivery system.

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