Budget-Priced USB Phono Stage from Rega

by The Audio Beat | October 28, 2011

ts plain-Jane looks aside, the new Fono Mini 2AD ($175) pushes Rega's long tradition of analog playback into the digital realm. The Fono Mini 2AD is based on the phono stage included with the Mira 3 integrated amp, with one important addition: a USB connector, which allows the transfer of vinyl to digital for storage on a computer, external hard drive or thumb drive. This requires the use of a secondary digital-audio editor such as Audacity. The Fono Mini 2AD includes a front-panel output adjustment for optimum control during transfer.

Of course, the Fono Mini 2AD can also be used as a traditional phono stage via its RCA outputs. It accommodates moving-magnet cartridges only, offering 47k-ohm/100pF loading. The included 24V 85mA adapter provides power.

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