Raysonic's Highest-Power Amplifier Yet

by The Audio Beat | August 17, 2012

sing either KT88 or KT120 output tubes to produce 220 watts, Raysonic's Red Maple mono amplifiers ($11,990 per pair) are part of the company's "Supreme Series" and the most powerful amplifiers Raysonic has ever offered. The class-AB1 ultralinear amplifier uses five pairs of output tubes along with pairs of 12AX7s and 6H30s. A soft-start circuit extends tube life.

Citing "inconsistent output impedances between the positive and negative phase," Raysonic adopted a cathode-coupled phase splitter for the Red Maple's XLR input in order to "greatly improve the fidelity factor." The short signal path of the amp is completely point-to-point wired. Inputs are single-ended RCA and balanced XLR, while speaker outputs are for 4-, 6-, and 8-ohm loads. Power consumption for each amp is immense, 540 watts.

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