PSB Introduces First In-Ear Monitors

by The Audio Beat | May 25, 2014

SB Speakers, well-known loudspeaker manufacturer, has entered the in-ear-monitor (IEM) market with its first model, the M4U 4 ($299). This is a two-way hybrid design that features a moving-coil dynamic low-frequency driver and a balanced-armature high-frequency driver, both controlled by a precision crossover network. A waveguide is used to link the sound tube of the high-frequency driver to the woofer, and a miniature circuit board with surface-mount components comprises the crossover network.

PSB has used its speaker-design expertise with the M4U 4, which was developed at the National Research Council of Canada using a KEMAR dummy-head testing system. The M4U 4 was voiced for a flat response, but the addition of low-frequency gain is said to give a sonic balance closer to what one would hear with loudspeakers in a room.

The M4U 4 has a detachable cord. Three sizes of soft inserts will be included in both soft silicone and Comply Foam with wax guards. The PSB M4U 4 will be offered in a choice of Black Diamond or Arctic White finish and will begin shipping in June 2015.

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