New from Power Modules: The Aria

by The Audio Beat | February 8, 2016

avid Belles has a long history of designing and building audio electronics that perform well beyond their price points. His Power Modules product line adds the Aria ($1995), a 75Wpc (at 8 ohms, 125Wpc at 4 ohms) integrated amplifier with MM phono stage and headphone amplifier. Three analog line-level inputs, all on RCA jacks, are also available, along with a pass-through input and preamp output.

The Aria boasts of short signal paths and a discrete, complimentary MOSFET amplifier stage. It uses ultra-low-distortion Burr-Brown op-amps for phono, headphone and line-level gain. The unit's ALPS volume potentiometer is remote controlled.

The Aria is available in silver or black finish. Like all Power Modules products, it is manufactured in the USA.

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