Pass Labs Introduces Flagship Preamp

by The Audio Beat | September 22, 2011

ass Labs touts its new XP-30 preamp ($16,500) as "the finest-sounding, highest-performing preamplifier the company has ever produced." Its three chassis include one power supply/control chassis and two gain chassis, one for each channel. Each channel has both master and slave outputs. The knob on the front of each gain chassis sets the slave output to be equal to or less than the master level, and all connected gain chassis respond to the master level adjustment on the control chassis. Although the XP-30 will typically be used as a two-channel product, it can be configured to handle from one to six channels. No matter the configuration, the XP-30 uses dual-mono topologies that are said to provide "ample current and excellent voltage stability to the gain stages, as well as inherently better noise suppression and filtering," and its external power supply, which uses a pair of Plitron transformers, is large enough for a small power amplifier.

According to Pass Labs, "In measurable performance, the XP-30 exceeds its predecessors in generating lower noise levels, better crosstalk specifications, [and] greater dynamic range, producing music exhibiting more resolution, more dynamics, and a better sense of space and dimensionality."

The XP-30's volume control covers a range of 100dB in 1dB increments. Both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs are provided.

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