Second-Generation IEMs from Paradigm

by The Audio Beat | August 6, 2013

ritically tuned" to Paradigm's flagship Reference Signature and Reference Studio speakers, the new Paradigm SHIFT E3i ($129.99) and E2i ($99.99) in-ear monitors are the company's second-generation IEMs, both using 8mm super-neodymium drivers. The main sonic difference between the two models is in the low frequencies, with the E3i offering deeper bass.

Paradigm's inclination for research and development is renowned. For its in-ear monitors, the company used an advanced head and torso manikin as a human simulator, for "measuring sonic properties and the effect of sound on the ear, while helping with ergonomic design and perfecting frequency response."

Both the E3i and E2i come with a microphone for making phone calls and an Apple-approved remote with volume control. The cord, which is thicker than that used for earlier models, resists tangling and features a new 90-degree right-angle 3.5mm connector.

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