Oppo Digital's First Headphones

by The Audio Beat | April 3, 2014

nown for its feature-rich, high-value digital players, Oppo Digital has branched out into personal listening with its first pair of headphones. The PM-1 ($1099) was designed with help from Oppo's beta-testing group to combine high sensitivity and extremely low distortion. It uses a special planar-magnetic driver with a seven-layer diaphragm and an FEM-optimized high-energy neodymium-magnet system. The diaphragm's spiraling pattern of flat conductors etched on both sides and the double-sided design allow twice as many conductors to be placed within the magnetic field, which, according to Oppo, "leads to higher sensitivity, better damping, and even drive force." The PM-1 is a circumaural (over-the-ear), open-back design, and its high sensitivity and low weight make it suitable for use with portable devices without additional amplification.

Oppo has already announced a second pair of planar-magnetic headphones, the PM-2 ($699), and a headphone amp dedicated to use with both models, the HA-1 (price to be determined). Both will be available later in the year.

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