A Better Support: Nordost's Sort Lift

by The Audio Beat | September 6, 2016

ordost's Sort Lift ($600/pair) is a cable-suspension system for use with all types of audio cables, but perhaps its most salient use is with Nordost's own flat-ribbon speaker cables, which, with the Sort Lift, can be oriented vertically. The Sort Lift not only suspends cables off the floor, but does so with Nordost's patent-pending Floating Spring Design, which, according to Nordost, "minimizes the contact the cables have with the apparatus while reducing boundary effects without negatively affecting the resonant properties of the cables themselves."

Each Sort Life has two main parts. The anodized aluminum base, designed to obstruct any electrical charge from the floor, including static buildup, supports the Floating Spring System, which uses specially treated titanium spring wire for both the wings and support. This elevates the cable from the base and, in the case of Nordost speaker cables, holds them in a vertical orientation. While the Sort Lift was designed for use with Nordost cables, it will benefit any brand of cables with which it is used.

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