Maggies in Memphis: Magnepan's First "Warehouse" Opens

by The Audio Beat | March 25, 2013

ontinuing its experiments in 21st-century marketing and sales, Magnepan has established its first local access point, which the company calls "a warehouse," in Memphis, Tennessee. The idea is simple: local buyers contact the Magnepan factory regarding in-home trial, and a designated party local to Memphis provides a loaner pair of Magnepan speakers (only the 1.7s at this point) to local consumers. After a specified period, the demo speakers are returned and the buyer can then order a new pair directly from Magnepan.

"We're trying all kinds of things to find some practical ways to get customers in front of Maggies," said Wendell Diller of Magnepan, "and do it without undermining our dealers." If the warehouse concept shows results, Magnepan has its eyes on other cities not currently served by local dealers, including Las Vegas, Sacramento, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Columbus and St. Louis.

For details on this program and the warehouse in Memphis, contact Magnepan.

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