The S1: Magico's Least-Costly Loudspeaker Yet

by The Audio Beat | August 9 , 2012

agico's soon-to-be-available S1 ($12,600 per pair) is said to incorporate design features of the company's MINI and M6 models and use "the world’s first monocoque 3/8" thick, 12"-diameter extruded-aluminum loudspeaker enclosure." This enclosure was designed to minimize diffraction effects, internal resonance, and damping requirements. The speaker uses a 7" midrange-bass driver that features a Magico Nano-Tec cone and a dual-neodymium underhung motor system with titanium voice-coil former. The speaker has the same beryllium tweeter used for Magico's larger S5. As with all Magico drivers, the latest custom computer simulations were used to optimize electromagnetic and thermal behavior.

The S1's frequency response is stated as 32Hz-50kHz, with minimum recommended power spec'd at 50 watts. Tall and sleek, the S1 measures 43"H x 8 1/2"D x 9 3/4"W and weighs 95 pounds. The speaker will be available in an array of Magico's M-COAT paint blends, helping it integrate into any décor.

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