New From Magico: The M6

by The Audio Beat | May 11, 2017

aid to be similar to the external shell of an F-35 fighter jet, the cabinet of Magico's new M6 loudspeaker ($172,000/pair) is a monocoque design that uses 1/2"-thick carbon-fiber panels to increase the cabinet's strength-to-weight ratio while reducing overall weight by 50%. Four billets of aircraft-grade aluminum are machined to create the curved profile, while a thick aluminum inner baffle supports the drivers. Ten tension rods run front to back to further stiffen the fully sealed cabinet, whose curved walls minimize internal standing waves and eliminate external diffraction.

The M6 uses a more efficient version of the 1 1/8" tweeter used for other Magico M-series speakers. This driver features a diamond-coated beryllium dome, a new motor system and an improved back chamber. It has, according to Magico, "the lowest distortion measurements of any high-frequency transducer."

The M6's midrange uses Magico's preferred Graphene-based cone and an underhung neodymium motor system with extra-large magnets and a vented pure-titanium voice coil to produce "a perfectly stabilized magnetic field of 1.7 Tesla in a 15mm air gap," delivering 120dB of "distortion-free" output.

The M6's new 10 1/2" woofers were designed specifically to reduce eddy currents, which "produce chaotic magnetic fields that work against the fixed magnetic field and thus create distortions," according to Magico. The M6's three woofers feature multi-wall carbon/Nanographene cones and 5" titanium voice coils that allow 1" of excursion, and they deliver output up to 120dB.

The M6's crossover, which uses premium parts from Mundorf in Germany, was designed to deliver maximum bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizing intermodulation distortion -- all tenets of Magico's overall design philosophy.

Finally, not willing to leave any part of this speaker to chance, Magico includes its three-point MPOD base to support the M6. It "provides a perfect coupling to the floor" and at the same time "supports the M6 as though it were floating in space."

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