New Line of Digital Products from Lindemann

by The Audio Beat | May 6, 2013

indemann has a well-deserved reputation for its conventional solid-state electronics, especially CD/SACD players, and the company's new Musicbook line leverages that expertise. With three digital players and a digital amplifier, Musicbook comprises an array of playback and networking products.

The Musicbook 10 is a combination USB DAC and fully balanced preamp with class-A headphone output. It employs separate converters for native DSD playback and includes an IR remote control. The Musicbook 15 adds a CD drive to the same feature set. The Musicbook 20 (shown right) goes another step further. It is a UPnP/DLNA network music player with USB DAC, preamp functionality and headphone output, and an integrated CD drive. An IR remote control is included, but the Musicbook 20 can also be controlled via iOS and Android devices. Rounding out the line is the Musicbook 50, a fully balanced 60Wpc class-D stereo amplifier.

Final prices will be announced during the upcoming High End show in Munich, but they will range between €1500 and €4000 per unit.

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