"Reference" Power Cord from LessLoss

by The Audio Beat | August 16, 2013

he product of three years of development, LessLoss's DFPC Reference power cord ($1824) takes fullest advantage of the company's Skin-filtering technology, which prevents electro-magnetic noise from entering the power-delivery system and thus the equipment itself -- "without impeding dynamics," LessLoss is quick to point out.

The DFPC Reference comprises a trio of inter-braided insulated conductors -- including a pair for the live line -- and an additional ground wire sewn throughout its length, with top-grade Oyaide connectors at both ends, producing a cord that's both low in resistance and very flexible. Regarding the doubling of the cross-sectional area for the live line, LessLoss claims better control of lower bass frequencies and a more liquid, clearer midrange.

According to LessLoss, each DFPC Reference "undergoes half a month of controlled steps in production. Assembly alone takes 12 hours of scrupulous labor." Sonically, this is said to produce "[f]ine details of musical expression [taking] on an even more organic nature, as system noise drops to unprecedented, vanishingly low levels."

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