New Lamm Amplifier Borrows Top-of-the-Line Circuitry

by The Audio Beat | December 14, 2010

amm Industries' new ML2.2 monoblocks ($37,190/pair) retain key design elements of their predecessors while introducing improved parts and pushing their performance closer to Vladimir Lamm's flagship amplifier -- the $139,290-per-pair ML3 Signature.

The ML2.2 is the latest in a line of single-ended-triode amplifiers from Lamm that utilize the 6C33C tube in both the output stage and power supply. Like the ML2 and ML2.1 that came before it, the ML2.2 delivers 18 watts at full bandwidth -- no gorgeous midrange at the expense of the frequency extremes. The ML2.2's output stage has a high-current voltage-regulator section and new higher-quality parts. The amp's input stage has been totally redesigned, comprising a slightly simplified version of that for the ML3 Signature. According to Lamm, "The ML2.2 is an amplifier that sonically is much closer to the ML3 Signature while price-wise is closer to the ML2.1."

As with previous versions of the amp, the user adjusts the nominal value of the plate voltage and the plate current of the output tube. This is done via a pair multi-turn trimming potentiometers accessible through openings in each amplifier's chassis. Readings are taken with a high-quality multimeter at two sets of test points. In terms of connections, there are three sets of speaker outputs -- for 4-, 8- and 16-ohm loads -- as well as single-ended RCA and pseudo-balanced XLR inputs. Each amp can be turned on and off remotely.

Lamm will demonstrate the ML2.2 monoblocks for the first time at the CES in Las Vegas, where two pairs of the amps will drive Verity Audio Lohengrin II speakers.

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