New Turntable from Kronos Audio

by The Audio Beat | December 21, 2013

ronos Audio's second turntable is the Sparta ($21,500), a simplified version of the 'table that literally launched the company, the limited-edition Kronos. The Sparta is not as wide as the Kronos and therefore able to accommodate tonearms 10 1/2" long maximum. It uses the same suspension, DC motors and bearings as the Kronos, as well as the company's signature technology: dual counter-rotating platters. To save money, the Sparta's speed is set manually instead of by optical sensors and its skeletal chassis is not as complex. To further keep prices as low as possible, Kronos Audio will offer packages featuring the Sparta and various tonearms and cartridges.

The Sparta eschews a Spartan appearance. "Through innovative efficient materials, novel engineering solutions and streamlining the production process, a lower manufacturing cost was realized," Louis Desjardins of Kronos Audio said about the Sparta. Perhaps this is why it doesn't look like a scaled-down Kronos as much as a completely realized product all its own.

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