Groove Note to Offer Second-Generation Master Tapes

by The Audio Beat | March 5, 2013

nown for its releases on CD, SACD and LP, Groove Note is further branching out in the analog domain, producing 1/4", 15ips reel-to-reel tapes of its best-known titles. Initially, these will include Jacintha's Here's To Ben [GRV1001] , Roy Gaines' I Got The T-Bone Walker Blues [GRV1002] and Anthony Wilson's Jack of Hearts [GRV1046]. These three titles will debut at the upcoming THE Show Newport in early June. Each title will cost $600.

According to Groove Note, the tape releases will "sound as close to original master reference quality as possible." To ensure this, Bernie Grundman will do the mastering and EQ for all Groove Note reel-to-reel titles, and only the original analog masters (1/4" or 1/2", 30ips) will be used as sources. The master tapes will be replayed on a highly modified and rebuilt Studer A80 via the Grundman EQ board direct to ATR102 reproduction machines with rebuilt and customized onboard electronics. All tapes will include reproductions of the original cover art and a 1kHz alignment tone.

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