Parabolica: Grand Prix Audio's Less Expensive Direct-Drive

by The Audio Beat | June 12, 2017

rand Prix Audio's new Parabolica turntable ($16,500) shares the general look of the company's top-of-the-line Monaco 2.0, and it uses that turntable's 74,000-line encoder disc for maintaining speed accuracy with exceedingly low peak deviation. However, the Parabolica's electronics are all contained within its body, saving the cost of the Monaco's separate speed control, and its crystal-controlled direct-drive system uses a factory-sealed bearing assembly that never needs maintenance. The Parabolica also omits the Monaco 2.0's LED disc-clamping pressure system and Apex multi-layer footers (which are an upgrade option, however). Its machined-aluminum platter weighs 12.5 pounds, and its lower casing combines aluminum, carbon-fiber and Kevlar. Its quick-release armboard makes for easy swapping of tonearm/cartridge assemblies.

Best of all, Alvin Lloyd of Grand Prix Audio touts Monaco-like performance for the Parabolica. "We were very surprised at how close the Parabolica is to the Monaco," he admitted. "It affirms at a very high level the the contribution of speed accuracy." There are two finish options for the Parabolica: all black, or black with silver platter and footers.

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