Lower-Cost Omni Speaker from German Physiks

by The Audio Beat | September 1, 2011

he German Physiks Unlimited Mk II speaker ($14,998/pair) represents a lower price point for the German maker of omnidirectional speakers, but it uses the same carbon-fiber driver as the company's $225,000-per-pair flagship Gaudi model. This DDD driver is proprietary to German Physiks and produces a wide bandwidth -- 200Hz to 24kHz -- so the Unlimited Mk II has no midrange crossover. A downward-firing 8" woofer augments the speaker's bottom end.

The top-mounted DDD driver produces pistonic, bending-wave and modal radiation. It features a very low moving mass to ensure proper transient response, and it is phase linear throughout its operating range. Its omnidirectional output is said to "produce well-focused stereo images that can be enjoyed from a wide range of positions in the listening room."

The Unlimited Mk II is finished in black, gray, dark-brown or white acoustic vinyl, which reportedly "provides significant additional damping to a cabinet that is inherently very well damped." The cabinet also uses Hawaphon damping material, a polymer sheet containing a matrix of small cells filled with very fine steel shot.

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