New Top Speaker Cable from DH Labs

by The Audio Beat | January 28, 2013

H Labs' new Deity ($5900 per eight-foot pair) is the company's "reference achievement" in speaker-cable design and the natural mate to DH Labs' top-of-the-line Revelation silver interconnects.

The Deity consists of a dozen ultra-high-purity solid-core silver conductors in an interleaved helical array surrounding a pair of DH Labs' Continuous Crystal silver-coated conductors, comprising a 9AWG cable. DH Labs' proprietary Air-PTFE dielectric is wrapped around each conductor, offering, according to the company, "the lowest dielectric loss of any commercially available cable." The Deity is available with silver spades or bananas, and each pair is completely constructed in the USA.

On February 4, DH Labs will launch a new website containing information on its large catalogue of cables and connectors. You will be able to visit the new site here.

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