Adjusting Analog Expectations: The Cyrus Phono Signature

by The Audio Beat | April 13, 2016

he Cyrus Phono Signature ($2299) is among the most versatile and feature-rich phono stages available today. About the Phono Signature, Cyrus states, "we have enabled audiophiles not only to match their cartridge perfectly but also to interact with and correct frustrating tonal limitations in real time."

In addition to both RCA and XLR outputs, the Phono Signature has four individual inputs, each of which is independently adjustable for gain, resistance and capacitance, allowing a total of 160 different combinations. All settings are available from the unit's remote control, so adjustments can be made from the listening seat and stored in onboard memory for easy recall. Stereo meters allow level adjustment between inputs.

A warp filter and ground-lift switch add to the unit's utility. The Phono Signature can also be used with an optional Cyrus PSX-R2 external power supply ($1399), which provides highly regulated DC power for signal amplification, increasing sonic performance.

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