Fortieth-Anniversary Amplifiers from Conrad-Johnson

by The Audio Beat | April 13, 2017

onrad-Johnson has marked its 40th anniversary with two new amplifiers, both of which use KT150 output tubes, the first time these tubes have been used by the company.

A single pair of KT150s produces 150 watts per channel from the ART150 stereo amplifier ($18,500), while two pairs of the tubes produce 300 watts from each ART300 monoblock ($36,000/pair). In addition to utilizing the KT150 output tubes, the ART150 and ART300 have new input and inverter stages that use 6922s for voltage gain. The amps' main power-supply reservoirs have a more than tenfold increase in total capacitance compared to Conrad-Johnson's earlier ART and ARTSA amplifiers. The 40th-anniversary amps also feature a new regulator circuit for the input-stage power supply.

New styling puts the output tubes behind a clear window spanning the full width of a protective tube cage, while the input tubes are encased in a clear protective block.

As with earlier Conrad-Johnson anniversary electronics, production will be limited: 250 of the ART150 and 125 pairs of the ART300.

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