Bryston's BDP-1 Provides Unique Digital Functionality

by The Audio Beat | June 16, 2010

ryston's BDP-1 digital music player is a unique audio device, providing an interface between digital audio files and a digital-to-analog converter and giving users off-the-computer access to their their library of digital music. The BDP-1 does not have an internal DAC, a hard-drive or a CD drive, but it connects to an external DAC for playback via its AES/EBU XLR or S/PDIF BNC digital outputs. The music resides on a USB storage device connected to the BDP-1 with a standard USB cable or on a connected thumb drive. The BDP-1 supports 16- and 24-bit word lengths and 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz sampling frequencies.

Bryston touts advanced usability for the BDP-1. While users can access the music via the unit's two-line display and control buttons, any device that can run a web browser can also be used, providing access to playlists and artwork in the process. Bryston is also developing a web interface of its own. The BDP-1 can be connected to a home network to enhance its operability via network-enabled devices. In this case, the network is used only to interface with the music library, not for streaming audio data. The MPOD and Minion apps allow iPod Touch, iPhone and computer users additional control options. The BDP-1’s graphic user interface uses open-source protocols, ensuring compatibility into the future.

According to Bryston, the BDP-1 will begin shipping "later in 2010" at an estimated price of $2100.

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