"Signature" Phono Stage from B.M.C.

by The Audio Beat | February 27, 2017

or the original MCCI phono stage, B.M.C. used a novel concept, called Current Injection, for amplifying the tiny signal from the phono cartridge. Instead of a traditional voltage-gain stage, the MCCI acted as a current-to-voltage converter, the strength of the signal relying on the impedance of the source, not its voltage. This removed "the weakest point of LP playback," according to B.M.C.

B.M.C.'s new MCCI Signature phono stage ($4298) further pushes the Current Injection concept, adding a revised power supply with lower noise and a new ground scheme. Additionally, a new power-conditioner module reduces AC-related fluctuations to an absolute minimum. The new signal sections provide 40% greater headroom, and the MCCI Signature's frequency response fluctuates only +/-0.1dB with either classic RIAA or Neumann-corrected RIAA EQ curves. The unit's chassis has also been mechanically damped.

B.M.C. claims for the MCCI Signature noticeably improved bass, precise soundstaging, state-of-the-art resolution and no dynamic constriction.

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