Audio Desk Systeme Upgrades, Enhances Popular LP Cleaner

by The Audio Beat | January 25, 2016

erman manufacturer Audio Desk Systeme changed the way LPs are cleaned with its Vinyl Cleaner, which uses an ultrasonic generator, counter-rotating microfiber barrels and a built-in fan system to clean and dry records automatically. The Vinyl Cleaner has been available virtually unchanged for five years, with thousands of units sold, but the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO ($4199) uses upgraded parts and adds useful new features while dropping the US price by approximately $250.

With its important upgrades to internal components, such as a new premium motor and upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO ". . . promises better reliability," said Robert Stein, president of Ultra Systems, Audio Desk Systeme's US distributor. New features include quieter drying, improvements to the electronic control system, and a dry-only option.

For an $800 upcharge, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO is offered in custom finish combinations of white, black and red, in addition to the standard gray finish.

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