New "More Effective" Filter Section for Audience Power Conditioners

by The Audio Beat | April 19, 2012

he new optional "S" filter section for Audience's Adept Response standard, model T and model TS power conditioners consists of a large-core balun transformer implemented with the same high-purity, continuous-cast wire used for the Audience Au24 powerChord. This is said to result in "more effective filtering over a broader frequency spectrum, down into the critical 20-30kHz range." The "S" filter section can be ordered as part of a new Adept Response power conditioner or retrofitted into an existing 120V or 220-240V units. In either case, the "S" filter section is a $1000 option.

"I knew this was a winner from the very first note of music I heard with the new 'S' filter section," John McDonald, president and founder of Audience, said. "The improvement is readily obvious as increased clarity, focus, imaging and a more open soundstage."

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